Conference Dinner Dance

The Conference Dinner Dance is on Saturday 28th January at Sorrento Events Centre, 670 Manukau Road, Royal Oak.

The venue is situated in 400 acres of rolling green parkland in the in the picturesque Cornwall Park (One Tree Hill) in central Auckland.

  • 6:15pm: Buses will be leaving from the Quality Hotel
  • 7:00pm: Dinner Dance begins. Some complementary wine/beverage will be served, then you can purchase drinks from the bar.
  • 7:30pm (approximately): Dinner served.
  • 10:00pm, 11:00pm and 12:00pm: Buses returning to the Quality Hotel


Psycho Disco

There will be DJ dance music with a ‘Psycho Disco’ flavour. This is in a separate space from the dining, so you can continue your dinnertime conversations, while others are boogying.

Bring out your old disco threads, if you wish, and there will be some dressups available as well (no roller skates allowed in the venue!).

Watch a brief lesson on how to be disco cool (6 minutes).

We are looking forward to celebrating with you!